Coherency of Kinesthetic and Visual Sensation in Virtual Reality

Yasuyuki Yanagida and Susumu Tachi
RCAST, The University of Tokyo

Proceedings of the 1994 IEEE International Conference on
Multisensor Fusion and Integration for Intelligent Systems (IEEE-MFI '94),
Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, pp.455-462, October 1994.

Abstract--- To realize highly realistic sensation of presence in virtual environment, it is necessary to implement virtual reality system fitting human sensory mechanism, which integrates multiple kinds of sensory information, including kinesthetic and visual sensation. To provide coherency between kinesthetic and visual sensation of presence, we have proposed the concept of virtual human. However, this concept has not been realized mainly because of difficulty in description of virtual environment. We developed an object-oriented method for describing virtual environment, which is flexible, easy to construct the environment, and efficient for image generation, using the class of C++ language. We configured a system using human motion measurement and visual information display, and implemented the virtual environment description method on the system. Using this system, we made an experiment on the influence caused by the condition whether the coherency between kinesthetic and visual sensation of presence is satisfied. The result shows that there is significant difference between the case which the above condition is satisfied and that does not.