Virtual Environment Construction Method Using Class Library

Yasuyuki Yanagida and Susumu Tachi
RCAST, The University of Tokyo

The Transactions of the Institute of Electrical Engineers of Japan, Vol. 115-C, No. 2, pp. 236-244, February 1995.
[in Japanese]

To obtain highly realistic sensation of presence in virtual environment, natural three dimensional sensation of presence, real-time interaction between the operator and the virtual environment, and self-projection to the virtual environment are required. To implement these requirements, we have proposed the concept of ``virtual human'', which exists in the virtual environment and acts and feels as the operator in the real world would do. However, this concept has not been realized because of lack of systematic interface to access virtual environment data. In this paper, an object oriented method for constructing virtual environment using class library of the C++ language is proposed, to implement the concept of virtual human. This method was implemented on the system by human motion measurement and visual display, in order to show that the virtual human can be implemented using the proposed method.